9 Aug

Okay, this blog has not been my top priority lately. So here we go with renewed sense of purpose. I started the blog to be sort of a diary, a place to put down my thoughts for others, if they wish, to share and comment on. So with that in mind, here is an update on our life, and where we’re headed.
So first off, Maddy just had another surgery. She is finally doing pretty good. She didn’t bounce back from this one near as quickly, but is doing pretty good now.
And with that comes work. I need to get back to work, and since I’ve been away more than 30 days, this means a UA. No big deal, just something that needs done.
Keep Carrie in your prayers. She has contacted the surgeon and will be setting up plans to get her Thyroid taken care of.
I know big things are coming, we can almost see them. Help us to do what God wants us to do!
I will attempt to make this more of a daily update, don’t give up on me yet! 🙂


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